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Hugo Bustamante Playership Grant

AYSO's National Board of Directors (NBOD) has approved for the Hugo Bustamante AYSO Playership Program in 2014. 
Your Region will be able to apply directly for scholarship funds and distribute them on a local level. 
Toward the end of January, Regions will now apply directly for funds through a simple online request. The deadline for applications will be March 23 -- the original deadline was March 16, but it has been extended -- and Regions will be notified by March 31 if they have qualified for scholarship funds. Checks will be sent to them shortly thereafter. These checks must be cashed within 90 days of the Region receiving them. 
To qualify for scholarship funds, a Region must be in good standing with AYSO. Any Region with more than $12 per player in reserve in their National Accounting Program (NAP) bank accounts will be asked to include an explanation of why additional scholarship funding is needed. (Having more than $12 per player in the reserve does not exclude a Region automatically). Regions can only use this money for player scholarships.
After the registration process, Regions will send the National Office the name of scholarship players and the amount each player received. If there is any money remaining, the National Office asks that the Region donate the money back to the Playership Fund.
The amount available to a Region will be based on size:
Micro Regions (300 or less players): $500
Small Regions (301-699 players): $1,000
Medium Regions (700 – 1499 players): $1,500
Large Regions (1500 or more players): $2,000
Micro Regions will also have the opportunity to ask the National Office to process their applications. However, they will be required to register any families that are applying for the scholarship with a 20 percent payment of their registration fee. The "good faith" payment ensures that the family takes the registration commitment seriously. It is encouraged of all AYSO scholarship programs. Regions will collect the applications and can email, fax or mail the applications to the National Office for vetting and processing.
The National Office will also help any Regions in setting up a scholarship program, although in most cases we find that Regions already have a process in place.
If you have any questions, please email the National Office

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