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Register Now Campaign #1

Register Now (Returning)

The Who - What - Where - Why - When - How of Your Marketing Plan

  1. People (your target customer):

    Families that played in your Region last season.

  2. Product (it's more than playing soccer):

    It's still the right place for your child to learn soccer (plus experience life lessons, get physical activity and have fun!)

  3. Place (where do they find your program?):

    At the convenient local soccer field

  4. Price (it makes a big difference!):

    Still affordable!

  5. Promotion (Promotion is how to communicate and influence.)

Here are sample ideas. You may have different or better ones...try any or all!

  • Send multiple "Register Now" notices. You have their address and likely their email in eAYSO, so use both.
  • Every two weeks. Send an email from our tookit or snail mail notification leading up to your Registration events. Parents said "I didn't know when registration was" as one of the largest reasons they didn't return. Start six weeks prior to registration - it can be easy to forget or lose the information if it goes out much earlier. Use a different email template for each notice.
  • Use postcards! Consider multiple mailings using different "Register Now" postcards from the Marketing Toolkit. Postcards are inexpensive to print and mail and are excellent reminders.
  • Advertise! Use AYSO Marketing Toolkit ads in community newspapers, local shoppers, school publications and other low-cost local media. Your parents and kids read these! 
  • Have an Express Coaches' Kids line. Send all of last year's coaches an email that there is a special Express line for their kids to register if they're coaching again this season. Make them feel valued!
  • Test automated voice messaging. Use phone numbers from eAYSO or your own list. Test a service such as or which lets you record a message ("This is John at AYSO, I just wanted to remind you that the new AYSO registration is taking place at Memorial Park this Saturday from 9-3. We hope we'll see you there") then calls everyone on your list and delivers that message. Try it with a small group of last season's families to start to see how it works for you. There are a wide variety of these services now available. Google "automated voice messaging" for a list of more service providers.
  • List in local community calendar and listing sections. Send out a short announcement with information on registration to all local community newspapers, shoppers, etc. Call and find out who to send it to and how they like to receive it (via email, by regular mail, fax, hand delivered) and follow their instructions.
  • Registration yard signs. Put them on the lawns of all the Region Board members and any other willing volunteer or parent (send out an email to your list asking them to reply if they're willing to have it on their lawn for the two weeks prior to registration events.) This is just like running an election campaign! Yard sign templates are in your Marketing Toolkit.
  • Registration banners. On fencing around schools, parks, shopping areas, churches and other locations where kids and parents will see them (always ask permission first!) Banner templates are in your Marketing Toolkit
  • Make sure your Region website is current. Update registration dates, locations, ages, cost, etc. right on the homepage. Parents research, connect and communicate online. Make sure your Region website address is on EVERY flyer, ad, poster or other registration information item. They will go to your website for registration info. And that reduces calls and emails to you!

Want more ideas? View our other 90-Second Marketing Plans!

Campaign No. 1
Register Now (Returning)

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Register Now (New)
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Bring a Friend

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