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Why should a registrar try to change and or at least improve the registration process every year?

  • Create a positive first impression for potential volunteers
  • Break old habits
  • Bring some life into the process
  • Every region can use more volunteers

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What are some things that can be done to improve the process?

  • Make sure the entire regional board is involved (Why?)
  • Ask "hapy" people to work at registration (Why?)
  • Recruit workers from all sections of the region
  • Have all minorities represented
  • Create a "Party" atmosphere
  • Serve refreshments to workers, parents and children
  • Find the largest place you can and spread out
  • Provide comfortable seating for parents
  • Play an AYSO video
  • Use some method to identify workers (AYSO hat or T-shirt, pin, bright - large name tags, etc…)
  • Say to every parent who enters: "We need every parent to volunteer for something, look at this form and see what you can do to help us. We will collect this form before you leave."

Don't give up - ask again

Always have a debriefing lunch or meeting after the last day of registration to discuss ways to improve. What worked? What didn't?

Have a list of how many volunteers you need in each category and evaluate how you are doing at all times.

Use some sort of volunteer registration form - make it colorful and user friendly

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Which board members should the registrar interact with? How and why?

Regional Commissioner

  • Are there any changes planned for next year?
  • What is the late registration policy?
  • What are the dates, times and locations for registration?


  • Set the registration fee? Will it change next year?
  • Are scholarships being offered?
  • Make arrangements for registration suplies and expenses

Regional Coach and Referee Administrators

  • How many coaches and assistants will be needed? Always pad the amount needed for each division.
  • Make sure they have fliers ready announcing training oportunities.

Child Volunteer Protection Advocate

  • Ask the CVPA to educate every worker at registration, so that they can intelligently answer questions.

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How can the registrar begin a succession plan?

  • Apoint an assistant
  • Create a registration "TEAM" and give them a chance to be in on the decision making process
  • Thank - Thank - Thank your workers in every possible way. They will return.
  • Delegate and see who performs well.
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    What would be some goals for next year?

  • Register more players and volunteers
  • Have fewer late registrations
  • Get more workers involved in the process
  • Improve communication with parents, players, coaches, and volunteers
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    What is the worst nightmare for every registrar?


    Have a policy set up

    Make sure every board member understands the policy and suports it

    Be proactive - in regions of 500 or less, have volunteers divide and call all players who have not registered and leave a quick and important message: "The last and final registration for AYSO soccer will be Saturday January 31, from 2 - 4 p.m. in the high school cafeteria." This method takes some time and effort, but you will know you gave these players every oportunity to register.

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