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How AYSO Helps You

Organization Management Tools

AYSO is here to assist you in managing your program at many levels. AYSO offers both a dedicated volunteer support team and the National Office which provides a professional staff able to provide you with answers and solutions. The National Office provides:

Volunteer Training:

  • Specialized administrative training for all management, coach and referee positions designed for your community. Assistance in developing all your volunteers and local programs into the best they can be.
  • Age-specific strategies and tactics.
  • Coach certification, U-5 through National. AYSO is the only youth sports organization with National Council for Accreditation of Coaching Education (NCACE) accreditation!
  • Referee certification, Region through National.
  • Administrative Management Training is unique - AYSO is the only youth sports organization to provide this important business tool!


  • Online player and volunteer registration and management tool

National Accounting Program:

  • Online and easy

National Insurance Programs:

  • Liability, Soccer Accident Insurance and Certificates of Insurance for field usage

AYSO Supply Center:

  • Resources, registration kits, training materials, etc.
  • Events: Meetings, training, tournaments, conferences, etc.


  • Networking support throughout AYSO's volunteer structure


  • PlaySoccer, Whistle Stop, AYSO Insider, and Hey Coach!
  • Web site support, e-newsletters, and informational e-mail blasts, all with one focus: to make your program fun!
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