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AYSOAttention: Dropped Players' Deadline is July 31st!

Have a Fun Opening Day This Fall Season
With fall soccer right around the corner, many of your Regions will be holding (or have held) an opening ceremony to kick off the new season.
Don't Miss the Volunteer Recognition Events at NAGM!
Are you attending the NAGM next week in Chicago? Don’t miss out on all of the volunteer recognition events that we have planned for you!
How the AYSO Coaching Program Can Help Your Region Grow
Scott Gimple - AYSO's Director of Player Development and National Events - recently gave an intriguing presentation on the power of AYSO's coaching program during the National Annual General Meeting (NAGM).
Make the Most of Your Season with Shutterfly Team Sites
With Shutterfly’s Team Sites, your Region’s parents and coaches can easily send practice and game reminders, schedule snack duties, and safely add pictures, videos and more.
Book AYSO Soccer Camps for Your Region Today!
Provide your Region’s families with the best possible soccer experience this season.
Think Before You Sign: How to Protect your Region’s Assets
With the arrival of the New Year, it’s a great time to refresh our memories on important guidelines to protect your Region’s financial assets, so your players’ fees can be focused on delivering great programs.
Slow Parent Phone Calls in 3 Easy Steps
Another season of AYSO soccer is nearing, and there are probably plenty of parents trying to get a hold of you with questions like "Why haven't I heard from my coach?", "When does the season start?", etc.
AYSO Social Media Guidelines
These guidelines are meant for all AYSO members active on social media to help ensure that we all use these tools to help us successfully execute the vision and mission of our organization. On a national level, these guidelines are used to help navigate social media in an efficient, effective and positive way. We hope they help you as you do the same.
Get 100% of Your Coaches Trained
Now that you've finished the hard work of recruiting and registering volunteers, your focus moves to making sure volunteers are trained and certified - especially coaches.
How to Handle an Underperforming Volunteer
These candid challenges and helpful proposed resolutions will only be published in AYSO Insider, so be sure to check back in every week! This week's challenge: How to handle a volunteer who is not performing their delegated task.
How AYSO Regions are Lining Their Fields
One of the biggest parts of prepping for game day is making sure all of your fields are lined properly. But what's the easiest way to get this done? How many gallons does it take to line one field? Several RCs from around the country shared their field-lining experiences
How to Deal with Competition from Club Soccer
Encourage players to market the program. Consider offering a “Bring a Friend” program that would give a registration discount to players who invite their friends to register.
How to Attract More Volunteers
Express line for volunteers. At your next registration event, include a no-waiting express line exclusively for volunteers.
How to Add Slideshows to Your Region Website
Are you reading AYSO's Webmaster blog? A recent post from Jennifer Kaye - AYSO's Manager of Digital Media - goes over how to add interactive slideshows to your Region's website homepage.
Commish Tip: Turn Picture Day into a Food Drive
If your Region is looking to give back to your community in ways other than providing world-class youth soccer, consider turning your next picture day into a food drive.
How to Use the EXTRA Logo
Here are a few do's and don'ts for using the EXTRA logo that will ensure the program is complementing your core program properly
Remind Parents that Great Soccer Starts Here
Spread the word about your Region's registration events with professional-looking, AYSO-branded templates!
Scott Gimple on Hallmark TVScott Gimple Featured on Hallmark's "Home & Family"
Scott discussed positive sideline behavior in youth sports and AYSO's innovative "Silent Saturday" idea.
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