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Divorced Parents and Privacy Rights
To protect the privacy of AYSO families, it is our position to not disclose information to anyone other than the individuals listed on the Player Registration Form.
Have a Safe Haven Season
It's that make it or break it time of year, where everything is coming to a head all at once. Do we have enough coaches, assistant coaches and referees? Is everyone registered and background checked? Trained and certified?
Safe Haven Reminders for Coaches
When putting together your Region's annual coaching information packet, consider including the Safe Haven Coach Reminder sheet.
Red Flag Warnings
If you see a little red flag when you check your volunteers on eAYSO, don't panic.
Make Sure Volunteers eSign for the Fall Season
The start of the fall season is approaching rapidly. Since July is when a lot of Regions are forming their teams and selecting coaches, it's important to follow these four steps when processing volunteer applications.
AYSO Chaperone Guidelines
When chaperoning, the minimum requirement for the adult to youth ratio is one adult for a maximum of eight players, and two adults at all times with at least one being of the same gender as the team members.
Symptoms of Heat Exhaustion
Heat exhaustion is a heat-related syndrome, which ranges in severity from mild heat cramps to heat exhaustion to potentially life-threatening heatstroke.
Have You Secured Your Field Permits?
Have you secured field use permits for your practice and game fields, Opening Day festivities, training sessions and other events for the upcoming membership year? Now is the time!
Concussion Information Sheet Requirements
When registering a player, parents who use eAYSO and eSign are asked to review and eSign the Parent/Athlete Concussion Information Sheet for the Region.
Communicating Safe Haven Information to Parents
To foster a family-friendly soccer experience that allows children to blossom and develop successfully, AYSO is looking to partner with parents and have an open communication.
3 Important eAYSO Reminders for Registration
1. Are you seeing a little red flag in eAYSO? This can mean one of several things:
Three Things Every CVPA Should Know
1. The Volunteer Registration screen in eAYSO now includes two new columns, one designating if you are a New or Returning Volunteer, and a "Yes" or "No" eSigned indicator column.
eSign Volunteer Registration Requirement
On Jan. 1, the volunteer eSign registration policy went into effect. After the beginning of the year, eSign must be used for volunteer registration whenever possible. The goal is to have every volunteer sign up in eAYSO using eSign.
CVPA Stories
Jerry, a Region CVPA, is employed by the police department. He learns that Sally, one of his Region's volunteer coaches, was just brought in to the police station and charged with a crime. Jerry knows that Sally is currently coaching a girls U-10 team.
View All Volunteer Certifications in eAYSO
This new eAYSO feature pulls all certifications regardless of the course hierarchy - meaning that you will now be able to view all certifications of volunteers, rather than just the highest or most advanced.
To Text or Not to Text
Using the text messaging function on your cell phone can be a handy and quick way to communicate with others. In growing numbers, volunteers are using texting as a way of getting information to their fellow volunteers (such as a head coach texting an assistant coach or team parent with a question) and even to their players.
CVPA Question Of The Month - June
Why Does Safe Haven Look at Crimes Not Dealing with Children
Volunteer Registration Help
As a CVPA, you're currently very involved with registering your volunteers, assigning them to positions and helping your Regional Commissioner and Coach and Referee Administrators ensure that everyone is trained and certified.
Supervision on the Fields
The CVPA is the go-to-person in the Region for anything that has to do with child protection. CVPAs contact us often with questions regarding the supervision ratio, especially when it comes to escorting children to the bathrooms and what to do about children who are left alone on the field after practice is over.
I'm a New CVPA: What Should I Do?
In the last few days, we've received more than a few phone calls with this same question. First, thank you very much for accepting the position of CVPA.
CVPA Question Of The Month - May
A Volunteer Wants to Know if Their Application Will be Approved.
3 Important CVPA Steps
As the season gets underway, there are 3 important steps every CVPA should complete:
Safe Haven to Debut Certification Patch
In order to provide greater visibility to the importance of being trained and certified and to recognize volunteers who have taken the time and effort to achieve this status, Safe Haven is piloting a new "Trained and Certified" patch.
AYSO Attends Safe to Compete Summit
The summit was also attended by Pop Warner Football, Little League Baseball, U.S. Lacrosse, U.S. Swimming, U.S. Gymnastics and the Boys and Girls Clubs of America with the goal of evaluating current policies and practices for safe guarding children in youth sports.
Important Changes to the Volunteer Application Process in eAYSO
The changes have been implemented to help ensure that eAYSO and the volunteer application process provide better protection for AYSO players and volunteers.
Dealing With Restraining Orders
Please be advised that AYSO is not required to enforce restraining orders. If presented with one, inform the individual that it is up to them to call the appropriate authorities if the object of the restraining order is in violation.
The Threat is All Too Real
Sometimes our job as CVPAs can be a bit tedious - sorting through volunteer applications, entering information on eAYSO, etc. Our job, however, is not about paperwork; it is about protecting children.
Are You Properly Trained and Certified?
In order to be trained and certified as a CVPA, you must have completed Child and Volunteer Protection Advocate Training, AYSO's Safe Haven and the most current CVPA Annual Update.
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