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3 Fun Moments in AYSO's History

#SoccerFEST14 is three days away! We’re counting down the days here on, and today we’re honoring the three remaining days by remembering three historical AYSO moments:

1. When AYSO started numbering its Regions – 1967

Every AYSO league is called a Region, and those Regions use numbers to identify themselves. But it wasn’t always that way. When AYSO first started, Regions used city names to identify themselves, but as AYSO continued to grow, there was quite a bit of overlap in the bigger cities. In 1967, Howard Krollfeifer, who was then the National Treasurer recommended they use numbers instead of city names.

2. When Will Ferrell made an Emmy appearance with his sons in AYSO jerseys – 2013

Everyone knows Will Ferrell is hilarious, and his Emmy appearance in 2013 was both a riot and a big moment for AYSO! Will came on stage with his three sons claiming that another presenter dropped out and he had to come straight from an AYSO game to present the Emmy award. Not only was this the first time AYSO was featured on the Emmys, but it was also the first time the 50th Anniversary uniform was shown on national television. Watch the appearance here.

3. The first AYSO SoccerFest – 1988

How could we look back into history without including the first-ever SoccerFest? SoccerFest is an event invented by AYSO folks for the first National Games. The SoccerFest was started to help players, who would be coming in for the National Games from all over the country, get to know each other and make friends. They would get mixed up, placed on new teams of kids in their age group and play a series of fun, no-pressure games. Just like this weekend’s #SoccerFEST14! Who knew a small idea in 1988 would turn into an AYSO world record?

Root for AYSO to set a world record this weekend and you could win an iPad! Learn more here.

Want to learn more about AYSO’s 50-year history? Check out our historical timeline.

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