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5 Tips To Help Your Kid (and you!) Stay Active This Winter!

Stay in Shape this Winter

Inactivity in kids is a global problem. This is just one reason why AYSO became an Advocate for the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition. This partnership is to help encourage kids everywhere to get regular physical activity, participate in sports and adopt healthy eating habits.

According to BBC News,10 million English children, two-thirds of kids in the UK, are completely inactive. This issue isn't much better in the United States either, with only one in three children physically active each day, according to

Inactivity and poor diet can lead to obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, asthma and the list goes on. This is another reason that ensuring that children are active, healthy and have fun are our main priorities.

By being an AYSO parent, you’re promoting a healthy and active lifestyle for your kids. Here are five tips to help your kids stay active this winter:

1. Indoor Soccer or Futsal: Talk to people in your AYSO Region and see if they would like to get together for some indoor soccer. Basketball courts or any gym space works and it can even be a casual, pick-up style program.

2. Make Your Garage a Gym: Clear out your garage (that might be a workout in itself) and set-up a fun playing area with pop-up goals, hand weights, jump ropes, etc. 

3. Watch a Workout Video: They aren’t just for adults anymore! Buy a couple of kid workout videos to do with your child.

4. Take Advantage of Those Warm Days:
If you live in a place where it’s warm enough to play outdoors, but all of the soccer fields are closed, take your kids to the park and let them play!

5. Video Games:
If your child loves video games make sure some of the games promote physical activity. Make it a family affair and play fun games together such as Wii Fit or Dance Dance Revolution.

Kids that are active today, will grow to be energetic teenagers and physically-fit adults. Research shows that when started young, the activity habit tends to stay with you all your life. The simple choice you make as a parent to register your child for AYSO leads to happier and healthier kids.

Check out CDC’s recommendations for promoting active children and active families here. Have questions on how to encourage more activity in your family’s routine? Email us here. 

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