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5 Ways to Shoot Amazing Videos for the Play of the Week Contest

Play of the Week

Every parent wants to catch that amazing goal, super save or great dribble of their child, but sometimes your cell phone’s video function doesn’t capture the same heart-pumping action you want to cherish and save. With the AYSO Play of the Week contest in full swing, catching that great play is even more important. 

The AYSO Play of the Week contest gives your child the opportunity to be featured on FOX Sports 1’s Major League Soccer (MLS) Game of the Week postgame show, which airs most Sundays during the MLS season. Here are five ways to get the best footage, every time:

1. Steady As She Goes: When shooting film on a cell phone, make sure to use both hands to grip your whole phone and keep your elbows close to ensure a steady shot of your child, even when they’re moving around. 

2. Download an App:  Most phones have a default built-in camera that covers the basics, but won’t cut it for great action videos. A video recording app can make your video look more professional, improve sound quality and get your AYSO Play of the Week entry ready to be seen on FOX Sports 1. Click here for a listing of apps and their reviews so that the next video you record of your soccer player looks great!

3. Be Aware of Your Surroundings: If you’re standing next to the wildest, most passionate parent on the sideline, it won’t do you any favors when recording. The noise quality and even the chance that they bump into you can diminish the quality of your video. Choose your location wisely to get a better video of your little soccer star. 

4. Tap to Focus: Tapping auto-focus is a simple, but very important part of the cell phone shooting experience. You’ll get better results by tapping on the screen once before you start shooting to focus on the key subject in your video. On most phones, you can change the subject of the focus as it moves. That means when your child is on the run for that perfect goal, you’ll continue to get great video. 

5. Don’t Hold It Like a Cell Phone: When shooting a video don’t hold your phone vertically. It’s difficult for editing and won’t look as good on a horizontal screen when playing it back. Hold your phone horizontally after launching the camera app, and make sure all your video is recorded the same way.

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