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AYSO Alum Julie Foudy Kicks Off NAGM

Julie Foudy, AYSO alum and former member of the U.S. Women's National team, was a surprise guest at today's NAGM Opening Business Session. Julie gave the keynote address and spoke about her Olympic and World Cup experiences, as well as being an AYSO mom and alum.    

 "I got my start in AYSO in Southern California," shared Julie. "I thank AYSO for giving me my number 11 - it started in AYSO. I tried to go for number one, and my coach said 'That's for the goalkeeper.' So I said 'Fine, I'll just be double number 1 then.' And that's how I got my first number 11 jersey!"

AYSO National President Paula Berriz thanked Julie for her years of support for AYSO. Julie's appearance was a complete surprise to attendees - many AYSO Executive Members were lucky enough to grab a photo and autograph from Julie after her speech. Watch a portion of Julie's speech here.

AYSO player Maggie Weller sang the national anthem at the NAGM Opening and received a standing ovation from the crowd. AYSO veterans were also honored at the NAGM Opening, as well as President's Circle recipients.


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