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Have a Fun Opening Day This Fall Season

5 Ways to Welcome AYSO Players and Families Before the Fall Season

With fall soccer right around the corner, many of your Regions will be holding (or have held) an opening ceremony to kick off the new season. An opening ceremony is a great way to excite players and volunteers, impress new families and create a sense of community in your Region. Here are five simple ways to make this season's opening day the best one yet:

  1. Hire a DJ. Several Regions have invited local radio station DJs to come out to their Opening Day events to spin a few tunes for the enjoyment of their families and volunteers. It helps make your opening day feel more like a "big event." If that's not a possibility for your Region, consider hooking a computer up to some speakers and assigning a parent/volunteer to "DJ duty." 
  2. Get local sponsors involved. If you have any sponsors that are interested in sampling or just want to get their product in front of your families, this is the perfect time. If you set-up a small vendor area, parents will get freebies and sponsors will meet families, it's a win-win. If you have any restaurant or food sponsors, ask them to cater the event! If you don't have sponsors, invite local food and drink vendors. They could potentially become a sponsor down the road.
  3. Set-up game booths! Anything that keeps families engaged is a plus. Setting up fun game booths, face painting or even a team banner competition will make this day special for everyone.
  4. Combine it with picture day. Parents love seeing their special soccer player photographed. Combining Opening Day with Picture Day will encourage people to stick around longer.
  5. Mingle. Encourage your Board Members to walk around and mingle with parents. This can encourage parents to volunteer, but also help parents have a face-to-face contact with someone if they need help in the future!

Have any amazing Opening Day ideas? Email us!

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