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Voting Results on Proposed Amendments

amendments nagm

 Executive Members voted on two proposed Bylaw Amendments at the NAGM. 

Proposed Bylaw Amendment No. 1
Summary: Adopt "Volunteer Driven" as AYSO's seventh Philosophy
Submitted by: John Hadidian, RC of Region 683, Charles Johnson Area 10/D Director, Marc Smith RC of Region 814 and Dianne Stratton Area 5/B Director
Result: Did not pass (ballot vote from delegates)

Proposed Bylaw Amendment No. 2
Summary: Require a VIP (Very Important Player) Board position for every Region
Submitted by: Tony DeGiglio Area 11/K Director from the floor
Result: Did not pass (ballot vote from delegates)

The Vote to Suspend the 75 Day Notice Requirement - Consideration of Proposed Bylaw Amendment was rejected by a vote of 424 to 169. 

See a description of Bylaw Amendment No. 1 here in the NAGM Information Booklet.   

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