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AYSO Features Alumni Across America

Mike Hoyer

Mike Hoyer
President of Filtronics, Inc; Area Director Area 1D

Mike Hoyer, an AYSO Area Director in Area 1D, started playing AYSO in 1974 and continues to play soccer to this day. In fact, his wife Heather also grew up playing AYSO - and their two children Grace and Colin are currently enrolled in their local Region. The Hoyers are a perfect example of an AYSO family.

"It was an AYSO coach that taught me stopovers, half scissors, how to take a PK, to respect the game, to respect the referee, to respect your teammates, but most importantly to out and play," Mike remembers.

Not only did Mike grow to love playing soccer through AYSO, he also found a passion for refereeing after his mom encouraged him to volunteer.

"My mom and I took the AYSO referee course together," shares Mike. "I was a youth referee for two seasons. I still have the whistle they gave me along with a copy of Fair or Foul from 1978 or so."

When it was time for their children to start playing soccer, Heather and Mike always knew they would return to where they started and where they created wonderful childhood memories: AYSO

Now, Mike is creating memories of a different sort. His favorite AYSO memory to date is the first time each of his children ran out on the soccer field, and watching the sheer joy they experienced while playing AYSO. It's those moments, along with AYSO's values and philosophies, that inspire Mike to stay involved.

"AYSO taught me, and continues to teach, the value and importance of teamwork," says Mike.

Besides being an AYSO volunteer, Mike is the president of Filtronics, Inc (Manfacturer of Industrial and Municipal Water and Wastewater Treatment Systems)

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