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How To List an AYSO Friend or Loved One

To list the passing of an AYSO friend or loved one, include these 8 items in a single email message:
  1. Full name of deceased. Please carefully check all spelling.
  2. Exact date of death.
  3. Exact date of birth (if known.)
  4. AYSO Region, Area and/or Section number affiliation (i.e. Region 123, Area 1X, Section 19)
  5. Current AYSO job titles (i.e. Area Director, Regional Treasurer, Referee & Coach)
  6. Web address to any online obituary or online memorial page* that may have further information on the deceased and/or an opportunity for AYSO friends to add their comments and condolences. The name of the deceased will be linked to this online information source.
  7. Your contact email address for any follow-up that may be necessary.
  8. Please have the subject line of the email read: AYSO In Memoriam

Email to: Your listing will be included on's "In Memoriam" page for approximately 60 days. This service is a courtesy to AYSO members and AYSO cannot be held liable for any errors or omissions. If you see any errors or omissions, please email We will do our best to correct them.

*Note: Many mortuaries, newspapers and others provide online memorial page services. There are also many online companies that make these services available. Here is one service that includes a free memorial option.
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