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4 Tips for National Games Fundraising Success

Entering the AYSO National Games 2016 lottery and being selected to go is the first exciting step in your Region's journey to the National Games in 2016. After the original excitement diminishes, all of the other thoughts begin to pour in such as, "How are the teams in my Region going to afford this?" and "What should I be doing nine months out?" The first step is to come up with a fundraising plan to ensure that you raise enough funds to have the most exciting National Games experience possible for the kids in your Region that will be attending. Check out four tips below that will help your Region out on their fundraising journey:

1. Establish a National Games fundraising goal: Consider creating a budget with any anticipated expenses such as travel, hotel, meals and entertainment. Knowing how much money you’d like to raise helps motivate your Region to sell to their highest potential. This will also help you decide on the size and number of fundraisers you need to run to reach your goal.

2. Have a campaign leader: It’s important to have a leader that will stay motivated until your goal is accomplished. The leader should be organized and have good communication skills to ensure everyone is kept informed and energized. For larger groups of young people it’s desirable to have adult volunteers to assist the leader. The assistants can help with additional logistics that come up during the fundraiser. If necessary, they can also help with contacting participants during the campaign.

3. Utilize our National Sponsors: World’s Finest® Chocolate is AYSO's newest sponsor and can help you design a program that will take your Region all the way to the National Games. With maximum profits, a variety of programs and personalized service, your Region is guaranteed fundraising success. Find your local fundraising specialist to get started.

4. Crowdfund your way to the National Games: Crowdfunding is a way of raising money by asking a large number of people each for a small amount of money. Click here if you'd like more information on how to crowdfund for your Region. Click here to sign up for an AYSO crowdfunding webinar. 

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