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Fees and Benefits

The national player fee of $17.50 is used to support local AYSO programs in a variety of ways:

Education/Local Program Support

  • Coach training, clinics, educational materials
  • Referee training, clinics, educational materials
  • Administrative training, seminars, workshops, operational manuals
  • Instruction and management
  • eAYSO: online registration tool
  • Registration kits (forms, posters, brochures)
  • Tournaments and cultural exchange
  • Special Programs
  • Growth and new Region support
  • National Accounting Program/tax services
  • Member services
  • Legal services

Risk Management

  • Soccer Accident Insurance
  • Liability insurance
  • Crime insurance


  • Playsoccer - magazine
  • A Parent's Guide to AYSO - magazine
  • AYSO Insider - weekly management e-newsletter
  • Whistle Stop - weekly referee e-newsletter
  • Hey Coach - weekly coach e-newsletter

Volunteer Support

  • Volunteer support network
  • National Board of Directors
  • National Annual General Meeting (business)
  • Section Conferences/AYSO RoadShow (training)
  • Volunteer recognition programs

National Office Operations

  • Administration
  • Building/facilities/equipment
  • Finance/government reporting
  • Legal expenses
  • Customer service
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