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#SoccerFEST14 FAQ

Questions to ask your Region/local #SoccerFEST14 host

  • How much will it cost?
  • Does my son/daughter have to be a registered AYSO player to participate?
  • What’s the age minimum and/or maximum?
  • Can my kids be kept on the same team?
  • Can adults play?

We’d love to answer these questions for you, but they all vary event to event, based on the specifications of that Region. To get these questions answered, contact the person running your local #SoccerFEST14 event.

Other Questions

What do I have to bring?
Make sure your player has cleats, shin guards, soccer socks and plenty of water. Players should come dressed ready to play in a T-shirt and shorts.

Where will #SoccerFEST14 be located?
There are over 100 #SoccerFEST14 events nationwide. Check out this map and location listing to see if there’s one near you.

How do I sign up?
After you find your local #SoccerFEST14 event, visit the website listed for more information. Some locations are doing their sign-ups online, and others are doing them in-person the day of.

My child plays AYSO. Is he/she also insured for #SoccerFEST14?
Yes. Your child will have full coverage.

My child does not currently play AYSO. Will he/she be insured for #SoccerFEST14?
Some #SoccerFEST14 events are accepting non-AYSO players. If your local event falls into that group, then you will be asked to fill out a non-participant form on site. This form will provide your child with full insurance coverage for #SoccerFEST14.

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