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#SoccerFEST14 Social

We want to get social with you! Why do you think we put the # right in the name of the event? Because we want to you post and share about all the fun that is #SoccerFEST14!

Here are some fun social media things you should be aware of:

#SoccerFEST14 Selfies - May 3, 2014
Once May 3 rolls around and you’re at your #SoccerFEST14 event, take a selfie of yourself at the fields. Post it on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with #SoccerFEST14, and you’ll be entered to win an AYSO prize pack.

At the fields enjoying your free DOLE Fruit Squish’em? Upload a photo of that Squish’em tastiness with #SoccerFEST14 to be entered to win a month’s supply of the best squeezable fruit pouch around.

Go AYSO! - April 28-May 6, 2014. Voting: May 7-12, 2014
Visit AYSO’s Facebook page and upload a video of yourself (and your family, friends, teammates) cheering on AYSO in our quest to set a world record for the biggest pick-up game on earth. End your video with an enthusiastic “Go AYSO!!”

The top five videos with the most votes will be eligible to win a brand new iPad. How sweet is that?

It’s all about #SoccerFEST14 - April 5-May 3, 2014

We’re so excited about this upcoming event that we can’t stop talking about it – we hope you feel the same! 

Use #SoccerFEST14 in your social media posts from now until the big day, and you may be one of our #SoccerFEST14 Surprise winners. At random, we’ll be giving out prizes to people using the hashtag. Get posting!

(Want AYSO’s National social media accounts to re-post your #SoccerFEST14 pics? Send them to

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