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How to Find Players for Secondary Programs
Here are three solutions to issues Regions may have in trying to accommodate a greater number of players for Secondary Program teams. Regional Commissioners (RCs), Area Directors (ADs) and Section Directors (SDs) can work together to meet these common challenges in forming and sustaining these types of teams over a longer period of time.
10 Tournament Preparation Tips
Use your tools. AYSO’s Tournament Manual has a ton of need-to-know information, including a checklist of things that need to be accomplished before, during and after your tournament.
Primary vs. Secondary
Primary Program:
The AYSO Primary Program is that set of scheduled games (season) in a Region for which open registration is held, balanced teams are formed and everyone plays. This is also the first time in each AYSO membership year (August 1 - July 31) for which team member registrations have been paid, national fees remitted and insurance is in effect.

Smart Ideas for Tournament Merchandise Success
When organizing an AYSO tournament, ordering merchandise is one of the fun chores you'll tackle. You can save yourself time and money by having your tournament logo ready in advance. Jack Keating, of Sport Pins International (SPI), has been an AYSO volunteer since 1978 as a coach, referee and administrator, and is now a National Referee Assessor for Section 1 (Southern California). Through his experience working with SPI and in organizing tournaments, he has learned that above all, the logo you choose is powerful in promoting your tournament and your Region.
Five Save Haven "Must Do's" For Your Tourney
A well-run AYSO Region will have most of these plans already in place so you'll just need to review them. But it is critical that they are all in place for any post season play.
5 Musts for Wrapping Up Your Tournament
Another successful tournament is in the books – now what? There are several keys when wrapping up after your tournament that will ensure important final steps are completed, deadlines are met, and your next tournament will benefit from the lessons learned this time around.
Finalize Your Income & Expense Report Form
Finalizing the Income & Expense Report Form is the last step in wrapping up your tournament. Your final tournament I&E Form is due no later than 90 days after your tournament.
6 Tournament Must-Haves
Ask yourself: what makes a successful tournament? Is it having the perfect amount of referees? Or preparing the schedule weeks in advance? Hosting a tournament involves a lot of details and it's important to make sure you have all your bases covered. Here are six must-haves that will make any tournament a success.
6 Tips for Hosting Your Region's 4th of July Funfest
Hosting a soccer Funfest is a great way for your Region to celebrate AYSO as the official sponsor of the 4th of July and showcase AYSO in your community! A Funfest is a casual soccer event that allows kids to play in some games and participate in fun soccer contests and challenges. It's also a great way for families to celebrate the 4th of July with other families in the community and enjoy food, music and any other fun activities your Region may plan.
5 Tournament Tips from the NTAC
More Soccer for More Kids recently sat down with Bruce Bricks – National Tournament Advisory Commission (NTAC) member and Area 11K Tournament Director – for his tips on preparing for your first tournament.
Check the Dates on Your Tournament Application
When preparing your tournament application paperwork for the AYSO National Office using a past submission, be sure to update all the dates listed throughout the forms.
Plan a Spring Tournament in 6 Easy Steps
If your Region is planning on holding a tournament this spring, now is the time to start preparing. Tournaments require a lot of planning - use the following list to get your Region off to a head start this fall
How to Host a Safe Summer Event
The weather this summer has been wide ranging and inconsistent. When hosting a summer event, the important thing to remember is even if it is a little cooler or less humid, hydration is always extremely important.
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