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Tournament News and Tips

5 Musts for Wrapping Up Your Tournament

Another successful tournament is in the books - now what? There are several keys when wrapping up after your tournament that will ensure important final steps are completed, deadlines are met, and your next tournament will benefit from the lessons learned this time around.

Find out the 5 musts for wrapping up your tournament.
  1. Pay your final bills. Throughout your tournament and in the last week or so prior to, unexpected expenses may arise. The tournament director should follow up on all of these and make sure that invoices are obtained for all extra expenses. Ask the tournament staff to get any remaining bills to you and to issue any remaining reimbursables. The treasurer should then make sure all of these outstanding debts are paid from the tournament proceeds.

  2. Forward any accident or incident reports. There may be incidents that occur during the tournament that need to be reported. The tournament director should file incident reports for fights, serious injuries or property damage (Use the AYSO Incident Report Form). It is mandatory for the tournament director to send this information to all involved parties - including RCs, ADs, SDs and the assistant national director of tournaments within 24 hours of a serious incident.

  3. Collect feedback. Gather feedback from the teams who attended your tournament and share it with the tournament staff. Hopefully, it will spark a constructive discussion on what was good and what could have been improved. The tournament director should also have a final meeting with volunteers at the conclusion of the tournament. It's a good opportunity to get a wrap-up evaluation from everyone and go over the checklist a final time.
  4. Final income and expense report. As soon as you have finished paying your last bills, draw up your final Income and Expense Report. The report has to be submitted for approval to the AYSO National Office no later than 90 days after your tournament.

    The tournament treasurer is responsible for completing the final financial report, which states what the tournament's actual income and expenses were. Once completed, the treasurer sends the Final Income and Expense Report to those that authorized the tournament for approval. Note that failure to submit this report may jeopardize the approval of next year's tournament.

  5. Thank the volunteers. Consider scheduling a thank-you celebration for all of the volunteers after the tournament. Be sure you invite not only your key staff, but also those volunteers who helped setup, run and clean up after your tournament. Whether you host a pizza lunch or a thank-you dinner, an appreciation event for the volunteers is a great way to show gratitude to those who donated their time and energy to make the tournament a success.
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