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Tournament News and Tips

5 Tournament Tips from the NTAC

More Soccer for More Kids recently sat down with Bruce Bricks - National Tournament Advisory Commission (NTAC) member and Area 11K Tournament Director - for his tips on preparing for your first tournament.

Here are Bruce's 5 tips:

Pick your staff. "The pre-planning of the staff is very important," shares Bruce. He recommends that you select your tournament staff and have your first meeting five to six months before the tournament date. When filling positions, Bruce suggests first asking those who would be familiar with the position. Ask your Region's treasurer to be the tournament treasurer, your Region's registrar to take care of tournament registration, etc.

Paperwork is priority. "First thing! Get your paperwork completed and organized," says Bruce. "Don't get overwhelmed the first year when it's a lot of forms - in subsequent years all you're doing is minor changes and small updates. It gets easier."

Build positive relationships. "We try to get as much donated to our tournament as possible, so we build relationships with local sandwich shops, pizza places and other companies," says Bruce. By getting food, water or other necessities donated, you're maximizing the profit for your Region.

Schedule early. "Get the team schedules online at least two weeks before the tournament," advises Bruce. Then, send an email out to all the teams notifying them the new schedule is available. "This gives you time to fix any possible errors and make adjustments - for example, a team coming from far away may ask to change an early morning game."

Get online. If it's possible, Bruce suggests trying online registration for tournaments. "If a team wants to get into our tournament, they register online, get a password and input some information. It's all done online and all they have to do is mail a check," shares Bruce. "The online system works very quickly. If someone fills out an application online, we immediately know who's interested and can have an accurate count of who's coming."

Thanks Bruce! Have any questions or want to share some tournament tips of your own? Send us an email.

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