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6 Tips for Hosting Your Region's 4th of July Funfest

Hosting a soccer Funfest is a great way for your Region to celebrate AYSO as the official sponsor of the 4th of July and showcase AYSO in your community! A Funfest is a casual soccer event that allows kids to play in some games and participate in fun soccer contests and challenges. It's also a great way for families to celebrate the 4th of July with other families in the community and enjoy food, music and any other fun activities your Region may plan.

Here are 6 easy tips to help you plan your Region's July 4th soccer Funfest.

  1. Plan Ahead. Make sure to give yourself plenty of time to figure out the location, date and budget for the event. It will make life easier for you and make the day more fun for the players.

  2. Ask for Help. No matter how small or large the event, make sure you have a group of volunteers who are willing to assist. Delegate duties to others and communicate regularly with them.

  3. Have the Basics in Place. You will not only need to have fields, balls and goals, but also have referees and first-aid kits lined up. Arrange to have refreshments and snacks. If the fields are not equipped with restrooms, plan to have "port-a-potties" nearby. If your budget is limited, ask parents to donate drinks and snacks. Optional items can include T-shirts and participation prizes for the players.

  4. Get in the Spirit. Hand out free July 4th stickers or tattoos, have music or pass out 4th of July themed snacks and drinks at your event. An AYSO soccer Funfest would be a great addition to your community's 4th of July picnic, festival or other event.

  5. Be Creative. A Funfest doesn't only have to consist of full games. You can also hold individual and small team activities like passing and dribbling competitions or juggling contests. Kids can compete during game breaks so they don't have a lull during the day.

  6. Have Fun! The idea behind a Funfest is for the kids to play some soccer without the pressure of a full tournament, and for the adults to get to know each other and make new friends. Don't forget to enjoy the day!

If any children not currently registered with AYSO would like to participate, they must fill out a Non- AYSO Participant form.

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