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How to Find Players for Secondary Programs

We are entering the time of the year when many Regions start planning for Secondary Program Teams. Tournament Teams, All Star Teams, and other travel teams require families and players who are willing to spend the additional time and focus to play more soccer. The enjoyment they get from participating in AYSO Secondary Programs is a key motivating factor in the development of our players and volunteers.

Here are three solutions to issues Regions may have in trying to accommodate a greater number of players for
Secondary Program teams. Regional Commissioners (RCs), Area Directors (ADs) and Section Directors (SDs) can work together to meet these common challenges in forming and sustaining these types of teams over a longer period of time.

Challenge: There are not enough participating players to form a team or form additional teams from the primary program or nearby Regions.

Solution: Regions may obtain approval from their AD and SD to include players that have not participated in the current  Primary Program (National Policy Statement 2.2.a, Participation in Secondary Programs– Player Participation).

Promote your Secondary Program teams to non‐returning AYSO players. This information is readily available in eAYSO.You can also promote your Secondary Program teams in your community. Very few of us make decisions to participate just once a year, so promote to past players as well.

Challenge: There are too many willing and focused players available and not enough teams, fatigue from multiple games on a weekend, and/or heavily scheduled families who are not available for every event or for a shorter duration of season.

Solution: This can be resolved with a larger roster. Regions may obtain approval from their AD to form teams that exceed the recommended maximum number of team members (AYSO National Rules & Regulations II.D Teams)

Challenge: There are team drops from your tournament or you have trouble filling a late season tournament.

Solution: Increase your participation rate by accepting teams with rosters that exceed the recommended maximum of team members.Remember that Regions are required to obtain approval from their AD to form teams that exceed the recommended maximum of team members.

Times may change and new challenges arise, but we still have a great deal of flexibility within our Policies and Guidelines to develop and deliver quality youth soccer programs which promote a fun, family environment based on AYSO's Six Philosophies.

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