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Tournament News and Tips

How to Get Your Tournament Approved

Tournaments are happening all over the country. Whether you’re a first-timer or an experienced hand at running tournaments, it’s important to take care of your application on a timely basis. What you need to do – and the highest level of approval you need – depend on the players invited to your event:

•    From your Region only – RC approval
•    From more than one Region in your Area – AD approval
•    From more than one Area in your Section – SD approval
•    From more than one Section (AYSO Invitational) – National Director of Tournaments (NDOT) approval
•    Any AYSO or non-AYSO player (Open Invitational) – NDOT approval
•    International players – NDOT approval
The last three types of tournaments – AYSO Invitational, Open Invitational and International – require that an application be submitted to the National Office along with a processing fee. There is no fee for Regional, Area or Sectional tournaments. The processing fee depends on when you submit the application:

•    At least four months before the tournament - $150
•    Between 60 days and four months before the tournament - $250
•    Less than 60 days before the tournament - $350

Tournament forms and approval checklists are available on the Tournaments page on
Whatever type of tournament you’re having – start the planning and application process early, and please allow enough time to get all the approvals that you need.

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