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Try Futsal This Winter

Is your Region playing futsal? Futsal is a fun soccer substitute played during the winter months, when it's too cold to play outside.

Futsal is played on a basketball court or an indoor turf dome and is very similar to soccer, except for the following variations:

•    No Goalkeeper punts.
•    Goal kicks and GK clearances must touch the ground or another player before crossing midfield.
•    No charging or slide tackles.
•    Players perform a kick in, rather than throw in, for a ball across the touchline.
•    All kicking restarts are indirect.
•    There are four 5-10 minute periods (you can adjust depending on level of play).

Goals are also much smaller than standard soccer nets, U-8 or street hockey goals work the best.

Some of the above instructions have been altered for youth play. You can find the Official Laws of the Game here.

Playing futsal helps with off-season conditioning. The indoor game emphasizes speed and quickness, playing in small spaces and quick, accurate passes. When players go back outside for the following season, they have a much better appreciation of time and space and better touch and ball control skills.

If you have any questions about futsal, click here.

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