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AD Training

Helps You Meet The New Challenges Of Becoming An Area Director


All previous AYSO experience aside, the Area Director's position opens up new opportunities, new challenges and the chance to make a real difference in thousands of people's lives. Area Director Training plays a critical role in preparing Area Directors to successfully meet these new challenges.

AD Training is a 2½ day course held at the National Office in Torrance, Calif. The course is taught by the "best of the best" instructors specially chosen from the National Staff, National Board of Directors, Section Directors, Area Directors and the National Management Advisory Commission.

Topics covered include:
  • Area Director Responsibilities
  • Calendars & Budgets
  • Training & Development
  • AYSO Programs
  • Communications
  • Regional Commissioner & Board Orientations
  • Regional Commissioner Training
  • Developing Area Staff
  • Due Process
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Compliance Issues
  • eAYSO

If you are interested in attending AD Training, please contact Torie Tinder.

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