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The AYSO National Management Program is administered by the AYSO National Management Administrator in conjunction with the chairman and the members of the National Management Advisory Commission (NMAC). The NMAC is a group of AYSO volunteers, selected for their administrative expertise and appointed by the National President to provide advice to the NBOD on matters related to the administration of AYSO Regions, Areas and Sections and training of AYSO management volunteers. The AYSO National Management Advisory Commission provides a channel of communication from national to Section, from Section to Area, and from Area to Region. This will help ensure that the AYSO National Management Program is being delivered to the grass-roots level.

The National Management Program provides volunteer Board Members and local administrators with support and educational programs to help them effectively organize and run local programs. Mandatory training is provided for all Regional Board Members and many other volunteer positions. The Management training program provides information on how to fulfill specific roles within the Region like Registrar, Treasurer or Safety Director. It also provides training on a variety of specialized topics such as team balancing, fund raising, and volunteer recruiting and retention. By attending, supporting, and offering these educational programs, Regional volunteers enhance the AYSO experience for everyone. These support and educational programs are offered throughout the year in the various AYSO Regions, Areas and Sections.

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