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The AYSO National Referee Program is administered by the AYSO National Referee Program Administrator (NRPA) in conjunction with the chairman and the members of the National Referee Advisory Commission (NRAC). The NRAC is a group of AYSO volunteers, selected for their refereeing expertise and appointed by the National President to provide advice to the NBOD on matters related to referee development and officiating. The AYSO NRAC provides a channel of communication from National to Section, from Section to Area, and from Area to Region. This helps ensure that the AYSO National Referee Program is delivered to the grass-roots level as intended. Also supporting the NRAC is the AYSO FIFA Law Interpreter, the National Referee Program Coordinator, and the appointed liaison from the National Board of Directors.

One of the most important parts of the AYSO National Referee Program is the AYSO Referee Certification and Training Program. All AYSO coaches and referees are required to be certified and trained. Referee certification is obtained by attending the AYSO Safe Haven Referee Certification course. Referee training is available in six different training courses: U-8 Official; Assistant Referee; Basic Referee; Intermediate Referee; Advanced Referee; and National Referee.

AYSO referee training is designed to provide education to referees and prospective referees that will allow them to referee AYSO soccer matches in accordance with the FIFA Laws of the Game and the AYSO National Rules and Regulations. It is the intent of the AYSO National Referee Program to provide practical, incremental referee training that will ensure consistency throughout AYSO.

Every referee must have a sound foundation in the Laws of the Game as a prerequisite to being certified as a referee. The training program provides the foundation at the Regional Referee level. To confirm this knowledge at the Regional Referee level and higher, candidates are expected to successfully pass appropriate level referee examinations. These examinations are considered a separate requirement and are not a required part of the referee training courses.

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