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Training Matrix

Why These Classes?

Regional Commissioner

Responsible for managing the all day-to-day business aspects of the Region.


Plans and implements the annual registration of players and volunteers.

Safety Director

Ensures all aspects of a Region's safety and risk management.


Responsible for safeguarding all the monies of the Region including all cash investments, contracts, leases, and other valuable documentation.

Child & Volunteer Protection Advocate (CPVA)

Oversees the child and volunteer protection program for the Region in keeping with the AYSO Safe Haven,® program.

Regional Coach/Referee Administrators

Intended to administer quality coach/referee programs within the Region including staff development, communications, and coordination of program delivery.


Assists the Regional Commissioner with his/her fiduciary responsibilities to protect the organization's assets.  

Division Coordinator

Facilitates communications and activities between age/gender divisions including team balancing and formation.

VIP Administrator

Serves as a liaison between the Region Board, VIP volunteers, and the parents of VIP players with physical and/or mental disabilities.

Tournament Director

Ensures compliance with AYSO Tournament Handbook and governing documents while organizing and promoting tournaments hosted by the Region.

Other Board Members

Must be Safe Haven® certified and received job specific training while performing responsibilities outlined in their job descriptions and consistent with AYSO governing documents.

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