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  • Who are AYSO referees?
  • Why does AYSO need volunteer referees?
  • How do I become an AYSO referee?
  • Where do I buy my uniform? Does my Region pay for this?
  • Can I referee my own child's games?
  • What is Safe Haven™?
  • Is prior soccer experience required to officiate?
  • I am a soccer player and understand the game very well; can I just take the certification test and avoid some or all of the beginning course?
  • What are the certification levels?
  • Who is the Referee Administrator? What do they do?
  • Do I have to ref little kids before I can ref the older kids?
  • What do I do if I have a problem at a game with a coach or a spectator?
  • Is it safe for a teenage player or sibling to referee?
  • Official USSF Referee Uniform
  • Official Alternate USSF Referee Jerseys
  • What is the appropriate referee badge for AYSO referees?
  • Are referees permitted to wear a cast or splint while refereeing?
  • May referees wear hats or sunglasses?
  • Who is responsible for the players' Medical Release Forms?
  • Are referees required to see a "Participation Release Form" before allowing a player to participate in games following a known serious injury or sickness which required professional medical attention?
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